The Current State of Responsible Investment in Denmark
– Dansif Studies


Executive Summary – 2017 Dansif Study

  • The sixth Dansif Study shows the continuous commitment to responsible investment (RI) practices among the 50 largest institutional investors in Denmark. 96% of the largest Danish institutional investors have defined RI policies.
  • Danish institutional investors stand out internationally with a wide use of screening processes and engagement on ESG issues. It is also noteworthy internally that 67% of the respondents in the survey have a process in place to manage RI in government bonds.
  • One of the most significant changes since the latest survey in 2015 is that 69% of the investors now apply the integration strategy for listed equity compared with 44% in 2015.
  • 94% of the investors responding to the survey have some kind of ESG incorporation for the internally managed listed equity.
  • 81% of the respondents have dedicated RI/ESG staff. In the previous survey from 2015, only 54% of respondents had dedicated RI/ESG staff.
  • More than nine out of ten investors responding to the survey involve c-level people in managing RI.
  • Carbon foot printing has found a much broader use among Danish investors, from 13% in 2015 to 41% in 2017. Current level is above the PRI member base, where 37% use this practice for climate change risk mitigation. 44% of the Danish investors in the survey now also engage specifically on climate change issues compared with 25% two years ago.