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Webinar: CBS’ ESG Minor and collaboration opportunities with CBS

15. september @ 14:00 - 15:00

Please join us on Tuesday, 15 September at 14.00 hrs (CET)

Kristjan Jespersen, CBS, will go through the various collaboration opportunities between CBS (ESG Minor) and Dansif’s members – i.e. group research projects and presentations to their student body.

Please register at – all registered participants will receive a Teams link prior to the webinar.

Group research projects that are of strategic interest to our members

CBS is inviting Dansif’s members to collaborate on group research projects for their new ESG Minor ( to work on from September to November. CBS is assigning the cases to the students on 21st September, so any cases should be sent to Kristjan Jespersen ( no later than 18 September.

In the class, Critical Cases in Environmental Social and Governance (ESG) and Sustainable Investment, CBS anticipate student groups comprising of 5 students working a specific challenge or business project for a client. The project should be related to a critical ESG challenge or task that the students can comfortably address over the course of three months of focused work.

Examples of potential research projects of this type would be:

  1. An empirical study of the stock price reaction to an ESG event which would be expected to affect a number of firms. The analysis will include how the valuation of the firms changed after this event (i.e., how investors reacted to the event) and how firms themselves responded through any changes (or non-changes) in their ESG profile. It is expected that the first analysis would be statistical in nature while the second would be qualitative.
  2. An examination of the returns to a portfolio of firms that are screened on past ESG factors. The students will decide which factors to employ for the screening for the inclusion of firms into the portfolio and explain the motivation for the factors chosen. The returns will be analysed in a statistical analysis which will include comparison to returns on index portfolios, controlling for risk.
  3. Student groups will be tasked to design their own sustainable finance vehicle, based on the criteria and foci set out by the client.

Companies should expect to offer no less than three meetings to the students (kick-off, mid-term assessment, and final presentation). The students will deliver a report and presentation to the company.

Presentation to CBS’ student body (ESG Minor)

CBS would like to invite members from Dansif to present to their student body. They are currently looking for people who can speak to the following subjects:

    1. Explain how ESG issues are related to sustainability trends and themes within the investment industry
    2. EU Taxonomy Finance and future trends
    3. Explain the evolution of corporate governance frameworks and key motivators, and apply material corporate governance factors to financial modelling
    4. Assess Material impacts of environmental issues on potential investment opportunities.
    5. Carbon markets, and clean development mechanisms (CDMs)
    6. Explain how engagement is achieved in practice and discuss different types of engagement.
    7. ESG Integrated Portfolio Construction and Management

Please contact Kristjan Jespersen (, if you are interested in presenting on one of the topics above.



15. september
14:00 - 15:00